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Over the last 8 years teenage employment only rose in two of those years. It fell in six of those years while only in the last two of those years was there a change in the minimum wage. Of course the minimum wage has a negative impact. But the impact of the minimum wage sure seem to be a lot smaller than other factors.

For example, over the last year real sales at limited sales restaurants -- fast food places -- that are a major employer of teenagers and other minimum wage workers are actually down. A major way people adjust to high gas prices is by eating out less.

Now, which of these played a larger role in the drop in teen employment?

It is funny, minimum wage increases accompanied by a business cycle downturn seem to impact teen employment but minimum wage hikes in a business expansion do not seem to impact teen employment.

Houston Labor Attorney

It seems like it would increase if anything. I remember when minimum wage was so low I didn't even want a job. Now it seems like it would be worth it.

Phil Miller

HLA: the minimum wage encourages people to seek minimum wage work, but it discourages businesses from hiring them.

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