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I find #4 very interesting. "High oil prices give an incentive for enterpreneurs to develop alternative forms of energy." This reminds me of Ethanol and SoyDiesel. Upon graduating I will be working for a very unique SoyDiesel plant in that will use a special cold flow technology that will remove certain elements allowing the special fuel additive to operate in temperatures of down to 43 degrees below zero. Normal biodiesel technology has a clouding point of 32 degrees above zero. The plant will use 220 million pounds of soy oil annually(renewable energy), producing 30 million gallons of biodiesel. When Market forces are allowed to work they give incentive to find a better way of doing things. Incenting things usually leads towards PROGRESS. The higher gas prices go, the more incentive($$$) market forces will give to enterpreneurs to find alternate ways of doing things that might be more efficient. Progress is cool!!!

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