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Overall, I thought the movie was very good. However, there is one scene that is unacceptable. This is when Lightening McQueen races the freight train and wins. What message is this sending to our children? My almost 3 year-old son talks about Lightening already. Children and adults have poor judgement when it comes to trains and numerous people have been killed or injured by trying to beat the train. Disney needs to re-write this scene for the DVD and future movie releases. If my son continues to watch this scene, when faced with a crossing gate coming down or seeing a train coming (even at the zoo), I fear that he will try to be like Lightening and lose.

Keith Demko

Manohla Dargis is a dingbat ... If you want some truly painful reading, check out her "review" of M:I:III .. unreadable .. as for "Cars," I'm finally gonna go see it today, and am really looking forward to it


I ABSOLUTELY AGREE, REMOVE THE TRAIN SCENE OR I WILL NOT PURCHASE THIS DVD. My 7 year old was fascinated that the car beat the train. Hmmmm !!!!! I will not even rent it because this already made an impact without continuous viewing. It scares me about the message that has been sent here. Is this a test to the childrens future Psychie???? Is this another Disney experiment, possibly subliminal. Other than that scene the movie was an abosolute 10 but if not rewritten and absolute ZERO. The movie also impacted me to want to visit the place where it was filmed in the mountainess region. Just breath taking.

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