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Your fellow farkonomist Doc Palmer says his evidence shows no relationship. See his comments on my post.


Oh shoot, put it on the wrong post. D'oh!

Marty Andrade

So, when are they going to get around to banning public flatulence?


What has always surprised me about the smoking issue is how the market has been ignored. If smoking was such a big issue why are smoke-free bars and restraunts not opening doors everywhere and stealing all the business away from all the smoking allowed establishments. I beleive Mankato had a smoke-free bar that opened then closed due to a lack of business. Now in mankato all bars are smoke-free. I guess its just political leaders that have highly elevated levels of intelligence doing what is best for me.....boy are they smart. Thanks for looking out for me big brother!!!
P.S. Is America not turning into what we originally ran from england about? America needs to learn how to let freedom ring.

Artemis Sohrt

Just who do those people with respiratory illnesses think they are? After all, breathing is only a privilege, not a right.

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