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The Bench Jockey

Since your so well-heeled, how about $10?

For a good cause, mind you...(g)

Phil Miller

I wasn't surveyed. But the next time I visit, I'll buy the pizza! ;-)

Donald A. Coffin Donald A. Coffin

According to the AACSB salary survey, the (2003/2004) average salaries for economics professors, by rank, are:

Full $100,300
Assoc $72,900
Asst $68,500
Instr $48,200
NewPhD $69,500

Even if you update that at 5% per year (ha, ha) for the past two years...and even if you annualize it...
Keep in mind that AACSB data tend to have higher representation of research-orientd, higher-paying institutions. So, if anything, these data will overstate the salaries of all econ profs.

And, of course, we are getting paid pretty well--just not as well as the WSJ or the DoL apparently thinks we are.

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