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Brian Ferguson

A lot of job candidates forget how easy it is for a search committee to tell when the candidate is pretending to be something he's not. At best you can wind up looking pretty third rate. Better to make sure they know what your strengths actually are - what they'd really be getting if they hired you.


Once, a senior colleague let me sit in on an interview she was conducting with an entry-level candidate. What an eye-opener it was to be on the other side of the table! The hapless was all over the map in motivation and what his ideal role within the company would be. Any doubts I had about not having a target in mind, and pursuing it passionately, were driven away.

Phil Miller

I fondly recall one interview where the interviewer (not me!!!) basically let it be known that he was desperately looking for a job and we were one of his final choices. A colleague asked him "so, we're the bottom of the barrel?" He responded "Well, not the *bottom* of the barrel."

I've gotten many a chuckle from that line.

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